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Patient Testimonials

New York OB/GYN Associates™ is recognized as one of the nation's leading private practice abortion providers with over 30 years of experience in abortion care. Our high standard of patient care is achieved by our staff's dedication to exceed patient expectations in every possible way. All of our physicians are board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists with specialized training in abortion care and they are recognized across the country as leading experts. All staff members are carefully chosen for their skill, training, experience, compassion and commitment to providing patients with safe and confidential abortion care. At New York OB/GYN Associates™ we provide safe, gentle and private Early Abortion Options. We provide private 1.5 hour appointments with no crowded waiting rooms. To learn more about patient experiences at New York OB/GYN Associates™ see below!

Melissa R. 24

At New York OB/GYN Associates it is obvious that they care about their patients.  Having an abortion was probably one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make. I was very impressed by the level of care that was provide by New York OB/GYN Associates they made me feel secure about my choice, well informed, safe, and well cared for. From the moment I walked into their inviting lobby up until the moment the procedure was over I felt cared for and taken care of in every step of the process. There was not more than one client at a time in the waiting room and the staff was clearly devoted and attentive to me during my visit.  The receptionist, nurses, and doctors were all excellent. I was supported, and provided with detailed information for all of my options. Dr. Z was truly amazing. I chose to undergo an aspiration procedure. My visit lasted about an hour – with the procedure taking less than five minutes, with tolerable pain similar to a strong menstrual cramp. Before the procedure both the nurse and the doctor individually discussed all my options and answered all the questions I had.

During the procedure the nurse held my hand while the doctor proceeded gently with the procedure. Within a few minutes it was over, they offered me water and a snack, and within just a few minutes I felt better than new. The pain subsided very quickly. Only an hour after the procedure I felt fantastic. More women need to know about this office, and if you are faced with an abortion New York OB/GYN Associates is the place to go.

Jody V., 17 - Student

I had an abortion this year and I was extremely nervous about the experience. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and unfortunately became pregnant at the age of 16. Being way to young to take on the responsibility of having a child I knew I had to have an abortion. I chose New York OB/GYN Associates. The doctors were very professional and comforting. My overall experience was great. I felt at ease. I was nervous but the nurses and doctors made me feel much better. The office is very organized, clean and professional. I felt very safe. 

I was impressed with the service as the entire process was virtually painless. I strongly recommend going to New York OBGYN Associates as the staff is excellent and the care provided is beyond great.

Rachel S., 30 - Student

I had an abortion in 2002, when I was 26 years old and studying for extra A-levels. I was all set to attend university. Living with my parents, I had been feeling very ill, and thought that it must just be a general illness. I mentioned it to my mother though, and she asked whether I could be pregnant. I was pretty shocked, as I had only been seeing my boyfriend for about three months, and, even at that stage, it wasn't a great relationship.

After a couple of pregnancy tests, though, the doctor confirmed that my mother had been right. I remember immediately thinking, "I'm not doing this." I was absolutely sure. That was weird, because I had actually been quite anti-abortion before. I knew one woman who had had an abortion and I had been quite disapproving. As soon as I knew that I was pregnant, though, my only thought was that this had to be over as soon as possible.

Setting up the abortion was easy. At New York OB/GYN Associates™ they helped me through every step of the process. The procedure was quick and I am so glad that I chose New York OB/GYN Associates™. The doctors are terrific they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Kathy B., 41

I had an abortion in 2008. I had already had four children - aged between two and 10 at the time - and when I realized I was pregnant again, I knew almost instantly that I didn't want to go ahead. My husband and I had felt so happy during my earlier pregnancies, but when we discussed this one, both of us were thinking the same thing: what on earth are we going to do?

We went to New York OB/GYN Associates and the staff and doctors were professional, diligent and informative. They provided us with all the information we needed in order to make a decision on which method of abortion would work best for me. I have no regrets about the decision I made. I could not have chosen a better place to have the procedure done.

Lynne T., 26

I had an abortion about two and a half years ago. I had been seeing my ex-boyfriend (still a good friend of mine) casually for about six years and when I found out I was pregnant it was a huge shock. I talked to him about it and he was very supportive. In fact, he was everything that you would wish for in that situation - except that he wasn't in love with me.

I had a non-surgical abortion privately, at New York OB/GYN Associates, when I was eight weeks pregnant. The procedure wasn't painful, and I was very happy that they let my boyfriend in the room with me. I felt that I had support and I was not lonely during the experience. The day afterwards I was sore, but I also felt bizarrely euphoric. I am so glad I chose New York OB/GYN Associates I could not have asked for a better experience.

Irina C., 30

I had an abortion when I was 22 and in my final year of university. I had just split up with my boyfriend, which had been depressing in itself, and when I found out I was pregnant it felt like an utter catastrophe.

My family was supportive of my choice to have an abortion - actually, I never felt it was a choice in the true sense, it absolutely felt like the only thing I could do. And when I told my ex-boyfriend, he was also supportive. He actually offered to look after me after I had the termination, so eventually we got back together and we have now been married for eight years.
I had a Aspiration Abortion at four weeks pregnant. People talk about abortion being a trauma, but for me the unwanted pregnancy was a trauma and the abortion itself was a huge relief. Women should never be made to feel guilty about having an abortion - we don't owe it to anyone to carry an unwanted child. I chose New York OB/GYN Associates because they were recommended to me by a good friend who also had an abortion. The staff was professional and the care was excellent. The private office was clean and beautifully decorated and the overall experience was excellent. I was treated with courtesy, respect and professionalism.

Ilene B., 31

I want to assure you that I am a real person and I had an appointment at New York OB/GYN Associates on July 2011. For what started off as one of the worst days of my life, I couldn't have dreamed that this place could be so wonderful. I was a very scared patient who already felt pretty sick from the pregnancy. At New York OB/GYN associates I immediately felt comforted as soon as I walked in. The doctor and assistant were reassuring, kind, thorough, and best of all they did not rush me through all my questions. They provided me with immense relief from my anxiety and fear. Everything on their website is accurate...I thought it seemed too good to be true, but it's not. The aspiration procedure itself is very quick, about 5 minutes and I had some cramping, but very bearable. The assistant held my hand and told me what to expect throughout the entire process. The doctor even held my hand afterwards. You are also allowed to have a friend or family member with you throughout the entire time you are there. Other places do not allow this. They do a sonogram before and after which offers reassurance that everything went well. I was given as much time as I needed afterwards until I felt ready to leave.

My recovery went smoothly.. only a little cramping and spotting for a couple of days, and then back to normal. Also, the office is private and clean.  Appointments ran on time. They helped me through a very negative experience with kindness, compassion and professionalism. I have no doubt that anyone who goes to New York OB/GYN Associates will be as grateful as I am for having found them.

Nicole T., 25

I had both procedures done about 2 and 3 years ago, but felt compelled to write about the experience since one of my close friends is in the same predicament I was once in right now. She would be the 2nd person I refer to New York OB/GYN Associates. I got pregnant twice: The first time 3 years ago, the second time, 2 years ago.  I did my research and saw that New York OB/GYN Associates coming up again and again as a highly reccommended, recognized and professional group. I was impressed with the website and liked the idea of not having to go through surgery. I called the number provided. The person on the phone  was very kind, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental of my situation. I called on a Wednesday, went in on a Thursday and had the procedure done that day. I felt so completely relaxed being in the office. The 2nd time the procedure itself didn’t last more than 5 minutes. I have a very low tolerance to pain, so I was given local anesthesia. During the aspiration itself I did not feel anything. I didn't even spot. All in all, this is THE place any woman should come to if she ever is faced with the unfortunate decision of having to terminate.

Stephanie H., 27

First of all I want to say that choosing New York OBGYN Associates is the best decision I could have made. Dr Z. made me laugh and I was comfortable instantly. The entire staff was great, the counselor was wonderful and compassionate. I got through the procedure because of her presence. The receptionists were very friendly and answered my phone calls and gave me the information I needed. The staff was the most amazing group of people I have ever come in contact with during a medical procedure. They were so kind and caring. I feel so at ease. They are an honorable group of women doing difficult work to help other women. I am a stronger woman than I was before. I cannot thank you enough for your loving nature and kind words. I was extremely nervous when trying to choose an abortion provider. I have absolutely no regrets choosing New York OB/GYN Associates. The staff is beyond excellent and they value the care of their patients. I was treated like family. Thank You.

Julie B., 27

I found out I was pregnant on a Thursday night. I called NY OB/GYN Associates that day and they were able to secure an appointment for the next day. I decided to go with an aspiration abortion. I was scheduled to leave the country and I knew I needed to have the procedure right away. I had 7 days to deal with my situation. As you can imagine this was very stressful. I called other offices and no one would work with me given my situation, including various Planned Parenthood offices, and two other private OB/GYN's.

I was probably in the office for a total of 1 1/2 hours, but the actual Aspiration procedure took only 3 minutes. I was thankful that the nurse was there to hold my hand and there to talk me through the entire procedure. After the procedure, I barely had any bleeding afterwards, but some minor cramping. I went in for a follow-up two days later to get my blood drawn to make sure my hormone levels had gone down. The doctor personally called me to let me know that my hormone levels had gone down and that the procedure was successful. New York OB/GYN Associates really saved me! They were beyond professional and did an excellent job. I highly recommend that anyone having an abortion go to NY OB/GYN Associates.

Jane V., 35

I was a patient at New York OB/GYN Associate on 6/09. As a registered nurse who works in a same-day unit, I know that in a busy medical practice, where there are many patients it can be difficult to establish anything other than a “business as usual” relationship. Having an already difficult situation to deal with, I was further concerned that I would be treated as just another face or number. To my surprise I was very wrong. I was treated with competence, care and compassion. I never mentioned my occupation, so the treatment I got, was the treatment that is given to all patients. All the staff, from the staff at registration to the doctor, gave exactly what I needed…and then some. It was commendable and I just wanted to say that New York OB/GYN Associates provided more than just a medical service on that day. I also wanted to thank the staff at New York OB/GYN Associates for not being “business as usual.”

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