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Pregnancy After Abortion

Many women do not know that you absolutely CAN get pregnant as soon as a week to ten days after an abortion. Even when you are bleeding you risk the chance of becoming pregnant, therefore it is important to use a dependable method of birth control when engaging in intercourse. Birth control should be started one week after the termination of pregnancy. If taken correctly birth control should start working immediately. If no birth control is used and a woman engages in unprotected sex within a week after the abortion, The morning after pill/Plan B should be used.

At New York OB/GYN Associates™ we are here to inform you about the facts. Many women have reservations about having an abortion because they are concerned that it may lead to problems with fertility. Regular abortions have not shown to cause any problems with conceiving in the future. Cases of infertility only become an issue for women when they incur unusual scarring of the uterus after a D&C procedure on a pregnant uterus. In a few instances scarring after a D&C procedure is severe enough to cause problems with fertility. New York OB/GYN Associates™ does not perform these higher risk surgical D&C procedures, instead we perform the safest non-surgical methods of abortion care, namely abortion pill/RU-486 and the aspiration abortion procedure. The Abortion Pill has not shown to cause scarring and an Aspiration Procedure theoretically eliminates the risk of scarring because there is no scraping involved. Therefore, no risk of having problems with infertility after undergoing an Aspiration Procedure nor after taking the Abortion Pill have been realized.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy After Abortion:

Is it possible to get pregnant after an abortion?

Yes. A regular abortion does not cause a woman to become infertile.  A safe abortion method such as the Abortion Pill or the Aspiration method, does not cause infertility. Therefore it is possible to get pregnant as early as 10 days after an abortion. We advise that women use birth control to avoid becoming pregnant.

How quickly can a woman become pregnant after an abortion?  

Women can become pregnant directly after an abortion as ovulation can occur at multiple times in a woman’s cycle.  It is even possible to become pregnant while you are bleeding. If you do not want to get pregnant again it is important to start taking birth control. If you do want to get pregnant, you can conceive immediately after having a non-surgical method of abortion. However, surgical procedures such as dilation and curettage (D&C), offered at abortion clinics and centers, are harsher on the body and you are usually instructed to wait a month for the uterus to heal before you conceive.

How can a woman confirm if she is pregnant again after an abortion?

After an abortion, you will have a transvaginal sonogram to confirm that the pregnancy was terminated, however, a urine pregnancy test can remain positive for over a month. The best way to confirm a new pregnancy is to come to our offices and have a repeat sonogram and a blood test preformed by our Board Certified OB/GYNs.

Is it unsafe to be pregnant after an abortion?

If a woman becomes pregnant again directly after a recent abortion, there is no need for concern. Pregnancy can either continue or be terminated. If you decide to have another abortion, it is safe to do so. Having multiple abortions has not shown to cause any problems with fertility. If you decide to carry out the pregnancy there is also no need to be worried. When the uterus is ready to conceive, it is also ready to carry a pregnancy.

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