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Early Pregnancy Miscarriage

New York OB/GYN Associates™ is recognized as one of the nation’s leading private practice’s with over 30 years of experience. We recognize that having a miscarriage can be especially difficult for women, their partners, their family and friends and we believe that the care given should be private, discreet, safe and confidential. There are many reasons for why a miscarriage occurs. In the beginning of your pregnancy your body undergoes many stages of development. At any point in early development a miscarriage can occur.

Some facts that are helpful to know include:

  • The miscarriage rate among women is about 15-20%.
  • Most miscarriages occur during the first 7 weeks of pregnancy.
  • The risk for miscarriage is higher in women who are older age, with increases beginning by 30, becoming greater between 35 and 40, and highest after 40.  
  • The risk of having a miscarriage increases in those who have had previous miscarriages.
It is also important to note that contrary to what some people believe, having an early miscarriage is not considered to cause fertility problems unless miscarriages occur repeatedly.

What are the signs of a miscarriage?

  • Low back pain or abdominal pain that is dull, sharp, or cramping
  • Bleeding, or spotting during pregnancy
  • Tissue or clot-like material that passes
  • Pregnancy symptoms such as nausea or breast tenderness subside.

What are your options?

At New York OB/GYN Associates™ the doctor evaluates whether you are having a miscarriage by performing a state of the art ultrasound with a follow up blood test. Once the doctor has determined that you are having a miscarriage there are several options for treatment.

  • Aspiration Procedure is considered the safest method in caring for an early miscarriage. An Aspiration Procedure is a simple non-surgical procedure that can be completed at our private offices in 2-5 minutes by our board certified OB/GYN who has special training in early miscarriage care. The procedure involves a hand-held device that uses gentle pressure to remove tissue from the uterus. The procedure takes place in a regular medical examination room in our private medical office. You are welcome to bring a companion or family member to stay with you for the entire process. As soon as you are done with the procedure you can resume to normal activities.
  • Another option is to allow the miscarriage to take its natural course. If you are very early on in your pregnancy, this may be a safe way to proceed. A miscarriage at an early stage of pregnancy is similar to having a heavy period with menstrual cramps.
  • Your Board certified OB/GYN may prescribe Misoprostol, a medication that will cause the uterus to contract and propel your body to expel its uterine contents. Misoprostol can help induce the miscarriage and expedite the process. Misoprosol is a very effective means of expelling a early miscarriage, however there are rare instances when it is not completely effective. In this case an Aspiration Procedure will be administered free of charge.

Some Advantages to having an Aspiration Procedure in a miscarriage:

  • By choosing to undergo an Aspiration Procedure you can take control of the miscarriage and do not need to wait until it takes its natural course.
    The procedure is short and gentle. It is completed in 2-5 minutes.
  • Aspiration abortion occurs in our state of the art private doctors office, not in an operating room.
  • You can have a family member or friend with you for the entire procedure
  • You can return to your normal activities directly after the procedure.
  • Having an aspiration abortion is completely safe and will not affect your ability to become pregnant in the future.

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